Airplane Flights to Cape Town

Sometimes you just have to get on that plane and leave the past in the past.

Travel can be planned, or impulsive

In the end, what you have to remember is that you only live once.

Never have we regretted any travel decisions we’ve made in the past. In fact, when things go wrong, those moments are usually the best stories to tell friends and family and will stick with you in the future.

Advantages of early planning

  • You often get better pricing as lower-priced options are still available.
  • You have time to plan activities around your accommodation bookings – after all, activities and seeing the sights are really the reasons why you travel to a specific destination.

Last minute travel advice

  • Look for last-minute deals or ask us about booking cancellations that might have opened up accommodation.
  • Try and book as early as possible (even though it’s last minute, as in days, you need to give yourself the best window of time possible).
  • Find a booking manager (real person) to talk to. Often calling is faster than submitting an inquiry and you’ll get answers faster.
  • Don’t expect miracles! We understand that plans can change last minute, but be patient with your travel agent or booking manager as their goal is to help you.
  • Expect to pay more. With it being last-minute, you can either get lucky in off-peak as some properties would dump the market last-minute with specials to get beds filled, but in peak periods, you’re most likely going to pay more.

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