Boutique Hotels in Cape Town & the Western Cape

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Getaways to Boutique Hotels

Boutique hotels in the Western Cape come in all shapes and sizes.

A boutique hotel is smaller than a regular hotel, yet bigger than a guest house and it’s a niche that’s still popular amongst travellers.

Boutique hotels usually have a more rustic and individual feel to them, while still giving you the hotel level experience.

Look out for boutique hotels in the Cape Winelands (Stellenbosch) and along the Garden Route (on the South Coast). You want to base yourself in an area where you an do easy day-trips or where you are close to daytime holiday leisure activities.

Tips for booking boutique hotels in the Western Cape

Your travel booking procedures should be no different from regular bookings that you make well in advance. Sometimes you might get lucky with a walk-in booking, but we advise to plan your travel itinerary ahead of time to avoid disappointment.


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